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Acts of the Apostles
Trace the journeys of the apostles on a map while you read the text to this N.T. book
$ 9.95
Another Notepad
All the features that Microsoft left out of their Notepad! Great for quick memos.
$ 16.95
Bible Crossword Puzzles
Challenging crossword puzzle game with Bible clues to solve
$ 11.00
Big Math Attack!
Fast paced, math arcade game with typing and spelling drills
Browse and View
Create a book-on-diskette using your HTML Web files . . . or use it as an offline Web browser
$ 49.95
Crayon Box
Pre-school and elementary activity and educational pack
$ 12.95
Create A Quiz for Windows
Makes interactive, on-screen quizzes and printable hardcopy tests. Great educational tool for students and teachers.
$ 34.95 Pro
$ 17.95 Lite
Create A Quiz for DOS
Makes interactive, on-screen tests. A favorite with teachers!
$ 29.00 Pro
$ 17.95 Lite
Crossword Challenge
Increase your word vocabulary and have fun at the same time!
$ 11.00
The Disk Vendor
Make your own "on-disk" sales marketing catalogs!
$ 65.00
Electronic Text Publishing System
Converts text files into electronic on-line books.
$ 29.00
$ 40.00
Frontlets for Windows
A colorful screen saver that displays inspirational Bible verses
Gospel Parallels
Side by side New Testament. View the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in parallel format.
The Grape Vine
Delightful, colorful Bible word game for the entire family similar to Wheel-of-Fortune and Hangman.
Heavens Declare
Replace that boring Windows 95/98 bootup screen with inspirational Bible verses.
Hebrew Flashcards
Learn elementary Hebrew words and alphabet
$ 11.50
Here A Little, There A Little...
Tetris with a Bible twist!
Home Loan Diary
Save tens of thousands of $$$ on your house! See how much you can save by prepaying your mortgage.
$ 20.00
A thought organizer, outliner that keeps your notes in a visual hierachical format (like a family tree).
$ 16.95
King James Dictionary
A handy dictionary of difficult Bible words found in the King James translation.
$ 10.95
Lil' Picasso
Coloring book and creativity package for young artists
The Main Menu
A quick way to create a Main Menu program list that loads automatically on boot-up. No more DOS prompts! For computer dumbies only.
$ 10.00
Memory Verse
Tool to assist in Bible verse memorization
My Screen Saver
Have you ever wanted your very own, personalized screen saver? Now you can build your own, adding your favorite graphic images and words of wisdom.
Offsite Explorer
A Microsoft Internet Explorer browser look-a-like. Useful for viewing and editing your HTML files while NOT connected to the Internet.
$ 19.95
The Paper Saver
Prints 8 pages of text on just 1 sheet of paper! If you print lots of reports, this tool will pay for itself.
Parables of the Messiah
Insightful thoughts on Jesus' teachings in poetry and commentary.
Password Guardian
Having a hard time remembering all those passwords, PINs and combinations? Here's a great place to securely stash them!
Proverbs of Solomon
Learn more about Bible wisdom through commentary notes and quizzes.
Puzzling Passages
Helpful, insightful commentary notes on difficult Bible passages
$ 9.00
Scripture Challenge
Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions.
$ 15.95
Scripture Scholar
Create your own Bible quizzes - in both printed and online formats.
$ 21.95
Protect your computer from unauthorized users. Prevents access to your computer while you are away from your desk.
$ 18.95
Show 'N Spell
Graphic spelling bee for children. Supports custom spelling lists.
$ 11.95
Sheet Music Designer
Prints blank music paper. With this program you can print treble and bass staves, and guitar tablature paper.
Teaching Tiles
A problem solving and picture matching game. A "Concentration" style tool that increases one's memory skills.
$ 10.00
Unzip Wizard
Unzipping a ZIP file is now as easy as 1-2-3 with a friendly, helping hand from the Wiz!



Wit and Wisdom
Screen saver that displays clever thoughts, famous quotations and witticisms randomly on your screen.
$ 15.95
Words From The Past
An online quiz that tests your knowledge of the words found in the King James translation.
$ 8.95
Zip Code Companion
A handy database that allows you to quickly find or verify zip codes, cities, states and area codes within the USA
Note: All prices above are for a single user license (i.e., for use on one PC). Businesses, governments and educational institutions that will be installing the program on multiple PC's or on a network must contact us for details on site license pricing.

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