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Create A Quiz is a software program that allows you to easily generate interactive on-screen quizzes using a Microsoft Windows PC.  Create A Quiz supports multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style tests.  The quizzes and tests that you create can also be printed out for conventional paper and pencil tests.

Create online tests and create quizzes easily with Create A Quiz

This software features:

  • Both multiple-choice and fill-in-the blank questions can be used in the same quiz or exam.
  • Quizzes can be printed out in several formats to meet the needs of both teacher and student.  The solutions to each question can be suppressed or displayed on a printout. Teachers can review their database of questions by printing out all the questions or by defining a range (from # to #) to print.
  • Very customizable.  Create A Quiz provides many configuration options allow the program to be customized by a teacher to meet the needs of a student.  As an example, the teacher can force a student to answer "x" number of questions before they are permitted to exit the program.  Or the teacher can set up a time limit for the student where after "x" number of minutes have elapsed the program will quit.  Dozens of additional configuration options are available.
  • Progress charts are kept for each quiz that will record the students' quiz results. This is an excellent way for a teacher to track the progress of a student.  A separate progress chart is maintained for each quiz created. Detailed log files can also be obtained which shows each question displayed to the student and the student's response.
  • Display ASCII text files, Windows Help files (HLP/CHM) in association with each question.
  • Display graphic images (BMP, GIF, JPG formats) in association with each question.
  • Add WAV sound files and AVI multimedia files to your quizzes.  Each question in your quiz database can have a sound file, a bitmap image or animation linked to it.

With all these features available to you, Create A Quiz makes it easy to generate and administer computer based training exams and questionnaires.  The question databases that you generate can be used to give students an exam in a school or university.  The questions could be for an in-house company survey or to build training courses.  The questions could be for a customer satisfaction poll, a political questionnaire, etc.  Or, an individual student may wish to create a question set for self-study purposes to prepare for an exam.  This flexible educational tool can be used in many different ways!

Teachers can now create computer based training and questionnaires without the need to do any programming, scripting or coding - just push a couple of buttons, enter your questions and answers, and you are done!

This is the Create A Quiz editor, where you (the teacher) would enter
new questions that will become part of your quiz...

This is the Create A Quiz editor, where you (the teacher) would enter new questions that will become part of your quiz.

Below is what your students will see when the quiz is actually run on your PC...

Below is what your students will see when the quiz is actually run.

Create A Quiz is a great tool to create and administer electronic exams and quizzes on a Windows PC computer.

Although you can print out your quizzes to hardcopies (print to paper) and hand the printouts to your students, Create A Quiz is used more often as an on-screen, interactive quiz teaching tool.  From the Main Menu, simply click "Begin a quiz" and a live, interactive, easy to navigate quiz appears on the screen, ready to be used.  Students then must read each question, and respond appropriately by filling in the blank, or choosing from a multiple choice list of questions.  The student's progress is monitored, and feedback can be provided instantly, instructing the student why they answered the question incorrectly.  At the end of each test, the questions that the student answered incorrectly can be displayed and reviewed.

If you have ever wanted to make your own trivia games, or perform computer assisted training and testing, Create A Quiz will make your teaching job easier.  An excellent educational program for home schooling parents also!  It's like having your very own teaching tutor!
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What teachers and educators are saying about Create A Quiz:

"We really need a good easy to use quiz maker. I've tried several and yours is by far the easiest for busy teachers to use. I was very impressed with Create A Quiz. This was after reviewing over a dozen other testing programs - including a few textbook commercial jobs. Your program was the clear winner. I have shown it to several other teachers and they expressed interest in getting a copy..." (R.G., Tulsa, Oklahoma)

"My students fight over who gets to use your program. They love it!" (R.B., Hopewell Junction, NY)

"I looked at the shareware versions of a number of quiz programs before settling on yours.  What I really like about your program is that it makes it so easy to do the questions." (M.C., Parker City, Indiana)

"I used Create A Quiz in the classroom today...and the students enjoyed it. Of the several programs I've got like Create A Quiz, yours projects the best - good contrast and layout of Q-A space, I also like the scoreboard. This summer I'll be setting up my consulting service with schools for in-service and demonstration to teachers of how to use a single computer for lessons in the traditional classroom. Your program is one I'll be using to demonstrate that approach. I'm quite happy to promote Create A Quiz. It's format and editing system makes it first-rate for quick lesson making." (D.A.S., Perrysburg, Ohio)

"Your commitment to product quality is to be commended." (Robert B.)

"Awesome!  The Windows version was really nice.  I have been looking at alot of quiz generating programs lately.  I would also like to add here that yours is the best I've seen." (Joe H.)

"That Create A Quiz is the best thing since sliced bread!" (Burt D.)

"Your program is superior to all the others I have encountered." (Edward F.)

"This is a wonderful program and I will urge other parents to support it.  I saw no other program that was as easy and quick to use." (Michele D.)

"I recently downloaded your Create A Quiz program to evaluate for personal use against a number of other quiz making programs. Create A Quiz is, by far, the best of the programs I reviewed. I found it to be the easiest, and yet the most comprehensive and reasonably priced program in the quiz making software field." (Lt. Carl B.)

This program is the most versatile self-quizzing program on the market today and probably tomorrow. (Mark C.)

The program is superb. I owe the speed with which I am learning my new job to the ability to self test with this program. (Russ F.)
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Hardware and software requirements:

Create A Quiz requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.  Please note: Create A Quiz is not an Internet or web based quizzing application.  Quizzes created with Create A Quiz will reside on the user's own hard drive and does not require Internet access to use.  If the teacher is planning on making quizzes available on a local area network or on a CD  then they should look at our unlimited site license for the Student's Edition of Create A Quiz (details at ). Additionally, we can make available a web hosting solution where quizzes created by Create A Quiz can be uploaded to our sister-site:  However, quiz hosting on our servers is an added cost item and is not part of the base Create A Quiz price. Lastly, we also have a related product called Quiz Script Creator that creates Javascript quizzes that can be sent as email attachments or placed on your own web site. Without question, we have a quiz solution for your needs. If you need clarification between our various quiz software solutions, please contact us.

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Download an evaluation copy of this program:

To download an evaluation copy of the Create A Quiz software program that you can use on your own PC click on the "Download now" link below:

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The computer assisted learning software program Create A Quiz can be downloaded by clicking here

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