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Q: Could you explain the purpose of the Students' Edition of Create A Quiz?

A: When Create A Quiz (for MS-DOS) was released in the early 1990's, the program was intended to serve as a self-study tool where the person creating the quiz would also be the one taking the quiz.  It was not long after its release that we discovered that businesses found the program useful for employee testing purposes. But to best accommodate their needs we recognized that two versions of the program would be necessary so as to prevent students and employees from accessing the "Create a new quiz" and "Edit an existing quiz" buttons from the Main Menu. The resulting new program became known as the "Students' Edition." More details and a demo copy that you can download can be found at . The Student's Edition addresses this concern that businesses and schools have and prevents employees from straying into those areas of the program that were used for creating and editing quizzes.

Q: I need to know if the demo (evaluation) version I downloaded has a limit on the number questions allowed per test. My test usually run between 100 and 200 questions!

A: The demo (evaluation) version only allow you to access 20 questions from your .QZ quiz files, that is, when you actually begin testing yourself only 20 questions from your quiz database will be presented to you. The demo version, however, allows you to input as many as 999 questions.  You will not lose any questions that you input using the demo version.  You can input 200 questions, or 120 questions, or 47 questions into the demo version and all of your questions will be saved.  It is simply that at quiz time only 20 will be available. Not to be alarmed though,...for the next time you use the quiz editor, all 200, 120 or 47 questions will still be there. In other words, you can enter as many questions into the demo version as you wish without worrying about losing them.

Q: If I am the only one making quizzes for my students, do I need to purchase a site license for the teacher's edition?  

A: No.  A site license always implies "more than one user".   If only one person is creating the quizzes, then you only need one copy of the Teacher's Edition.  If there will be five teachers creating quizzes on five different PCs, then a 5-seat Teacher's Edition is required (see for site license terms for the Teacher's Edition).   When you move the discussion to your STUDENTS, then a site license for the Student's Edition is required because you are talking about "more than one" student.  We price the Student's Edition upon an "unlimited" number, versus the Teacher's Edition which is based upon a specific number.  The word "site" refers to "more than one user".

So...if there is only one teacher creating a quiz, and this teacher  will be placing their quizzes on a network, or on PCs within a computer lab, then you would need to purchase ONE single copy of the Teacher's Edition (for that one teacher) and then purchase an UNLIMITED SITE LICENSE of the Student's Edition.

Q: In printing out the registration form I found some confusing verbiage relating to situations where multiple users would be using the program.  It would appear that if I wish to distribute Create A Quiz to other people within my organization that it would require another registration fee, which I assume would be too expensive.  Could you clarify what your license policy is?

A: The $34.95 cost for the Teacher's Edition is the cost for use on one PC.  The "verbiage" was simply trying to emphasize that the version of Create A Quiz that you evaluated is just like a copy of WordPerfect or Microsoft Word . . . it can be used on one PC.  Of course you can print your quizzes out and hand them to others with no problem.  There is no restrictions related to distribution of printed quizzes.

However, you are not permitted to distribute the licensed version of the Teacher's Edition of Create A Quiz to other people digitally (that is, on diskette, CD,  or via internet transfer).  Create A Quiz is no different from Word Perfect or Microsoft Word in this respect.

We do have a site license arrangement where you could distribute the "Student's Edition" to other employees/colleagues.  That site license would cost $175. The Student's Edition is a better vehicle to distribute your quizzes on a disk with, since it has no "editing" capability. You can learn all about the Student's Edition at: and download a demo.

Q: My company would like to resell and distribute both the Student's Edition and Teacher's Edition to our clients.  Is this possible?

A: We do not permit the Teacher's Edition to be resold or distributed to third parties.  However, we do permit the distribution of the Student's Edition if you purchase the Publisher's License option.  You can even sell your quizzes and bundle them with the Student's Edition Publisher's License.

There is also something you need to be aware of.  The Teacher's Edition "watermarks" each quiz that it creates.  The watermark is based upon the license information issued to the customer when they buy the Teacher's Edition.  Then, when a Student's Edition is used to open a quiz, the watermark in the quiz is compared against the license that accompanied the Student's Edition.  If there is a mismatch, the Student's Edition will reject the quiz.  This is done to deter competitors from stealing your quiz files, and restricts unauthorized use of either Edition of Create A Quiz.

Q: How can I, as the instructor, view the (.SCB) scoreboard files without changing the configuration file and retaking the exam? In other words, is there a scoreboard "viewer"? I would like to hide the scoreboard using the program's internal configuration option and then bring the scoreboard results up by itself for my eyes only as the instructor.

A: Yes there is a scoreboard viewer that allows the teacher to view the score history files (.SCB). It is a free download.  Click on the "Download now" button below for a free copy of the scoreboard viewer:

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