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Teacher's vs. Student's Editions

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When you purchase the Teacher's Edition of Create A Quiz it will be licensed to a single individual, for use on a single computer. Resale or distribution of Create A Quiz is prohibited. The Teacher's Edition is just like a copy of WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. You can share your word processing documents with co-workers, but copyright laws prohibit you from making copies of WordPerfect or Word.  Likewise, you can do anything with the .QZ quiz files that you generate, but the Teacher's Edition of Create A Quiz  is copyrighted, and a single purchased copy can only be used on one computer at any given moment.

If you wish to distribute your quizzes or make them available to others at your organization there is a solution... We have available a Student's Edition of Create A Quiz, which can be used in a multi-user environment. The Student's Edition is identical to the Teacher's Edition, with the following exceptions:

1) The Student's Edition is sold as an unlimited site license, meaning that a single purchase of the Student's Edition allows you to install the Student's Edition on as many PCs that exist at your physical location.  Whether it be 10 PCs or 100 PCs or 1000 PCs, there is only one price for the Student's Edition.

2) The Student's Edition does not have the "Create a new quiz" button on the Main Menu.

3) Nor does the Student's Edition have the "Edit an existing quiz" on the Main Menu (see screen snapshot below). 

The absence of these two buttons on the Student's Edition prevents users from accidentally or intentionally peeking at the answers, or changing your work, or creating new quizzes.
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Make and distribute your own online quizzes with Create A Quiz software for Microsoft Windows

The Student's Edition does not have the "Create" or "Edit" buttons
on the Main Menu. This makes it ideal for use with your students.
(see image above)

The Student's Edition is sold separately from the Teacher's Edition, however at least one copy of the Teacher's Edition must be purchased so that the Teacher can create new quizzes.  You can purchase the Teacher's Edition here.

The Student's Edition is priced in three tiers:

1) The Student's Edition for non-profit organizations allows a non-profit organization to make an unlimited number of copies of the Student's Edition at a single site.  Public schools and charitable organizations would fit into this category.  Government agencies do not qualify.  The cost for a non-profit site license is $150.00 per physical site (e.g., a school building).  The license to install the program to an unlimited number of PCs at a single site pertains solely to the Student's Edition.  You may not make multiple copies of the Teacher's Edition.  If your school plans on having more than one teacher create the quizzes on more than one PC, then your organization needs to obtain a site license for the Teacher's Edition.

2) The Student's Edition for businesses and governments is $175.00.  This license allows a business or government organization to install an unlimited number of copies of the Students' Edition to all of the PCs in their organization as long as all of copies of the program are installed at a single site location.  In other words, a Federal Express regional training center located at Memphis, Tennessee could install the Students' Edition on an unlimited number of PCs that are located on site, (i.e., within their building(s) at Memphis).  However, other regional training centers located in Seattle, Washington and Tampa, Florida would be required to purchase additional licenses for their own locations.

3) Lastly, if you plan on selling or distributing your quizzes on CD or via web downloads, you will need to secure a Publisher's License. The cost is $250.00   The Publisher's License allows you to distribute and sell your QZ quiz files along with the Student's Edition module (STUDENT.EXE).  There are a few restrictions associated with this license:

a) You may not transfer this license to a third party. That is, you cannot approach a book company or software company in the hope of getting them to market and distribute the product for you.  In other words, you are responsible for the marketing and advertising and distribution of your quizzes.  You cannot sell you idea (your quizzes and our program) to Microsoft or Time-Life Books or Doubleday, or to another reseller without our permission.

b) You may not compete against our company.  In other words, you are not to sell the Create A Quiz program as a quiz generating software package. Instead you are to sell your quizzes (QZ files, questions and answers).  Create A Quiz Student's Edition will simply accompany your quizzes.

c) You may not resell or distribute the Teacher's Edition of Create A Quiz.

With the Publisher's License you are entitled to the following "extras":

a) We will provide you with one free custom installation wizard utility (INSTALL.EXE) which will make it easier to install your quizzes to your clients' and customers' PCs.

b) You can provide us with a graphic image that we will use to replace the default Create A Quiz logo.

c) We will change the name of the program from "Create A Quiz" to "Whatever You Like".

These "extras" make the software look more like YOUR product, rather than ours.  Click here to see screen snapshot samples and more details regarding the Publisher's License.

Best of all, the Publisher's License comes with a royalty-free license.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

For a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Student's Edition, please click here.

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Hardware and software requirements:

Create A Quiz - Student's Edition requires a personal computer using Microsoft Windows.

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To download an evaluation copy of the Student's Edition of Create A Quiz that you can use on your own PC click on the "Download now" link below (download file size approx 1.0 Mb):

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