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Take almost any topic of human concern. Almost always, the Bible speaks to that concern. What The Bible Says About... is your link from a topic of interest to the Bible passages that speak to that topic.

Topics are arranged alphabetically, from Abandonment to Zeal. Simply click on the topic of interest and within seconds you will be shown Scripture references related to that topic. You will find available both traditional and contemporary topics, such as Abortion, AIDS, Body piercing, Suicide, Tattoos and many more.


Bible verses grouped by topics
Topically arranged Bible verses by subject
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What users are saying about What the Bible Says...:

"This has been the BEST tool yet for learning the Bible!...I am thoroughly enjoying using it!  It has been the best money spent !" (Helen S.)

Hardware and software requirements:

What The Bible Says About...  requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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