The ZIP Code Companion can be purchased here using a credit card or Paypal. The cost is $19.95. To connect to our secure online order server simply click one of the buttons below. Please note that The ZIP Code Companion is available in two versions:

#1: Standard version licenses:  


#2: Plus version licenses

The difference between the two versions is that the Plus version allows the user to export all or part of the ZIP Code data contained within the program to an external comma separated value file (CSV).

With the Plus version, the exported CSV file can then be imported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or any other database program or spreadsheet program that you wish to use. Other than the Plus version’s ability to export the ZIP Code database to an external file, the two versions are identical.

The Plus version is sold as a quasi-subscription service. The Plus version costs $24.95 initially. Each subsequent update costs $15. Customers who purchase the Plus version are not obligated to update. If you are happy with your initial Plus purchase and do not wish to ever update, then the initial $24.95 is all that you will ever have to pay, and your software will continue to function like normal (although the internal database will eventually become outdated).

The Standard version costs $19.95, and updates are free. However, the Standard version does not permit any exporting of data to an external CSV file.

If you have problems ordering, please contact us.

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