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Unzip software utilities to unzip files

Unzip Software Tools

There are many unzipping software tools to unzip files, but the following utilities are the fastest, easiest ways to unzip files in Windows.  These are all compatible with the PKZIP format.  Gone are the days of mundane DOS commands.  Now you can do all the unzipping from within Windows.

The most common unzip software utilities used on the Internet are:

What is a ZIP file?

For those who did not grow up in the world of computers, BBS's (bulletin board systems) and MS-DOS prompts, a .ZIP file can be a mystery.

A ZIP file is an archive file. An archive file is a collection of files gathered into one compressed file. To unzip (unarchive) these archive files, you need to use one of the above programs.

Why would someone stuff a bunch of files into a single compressed file in the first place?  Compressed files download much faster from the Internet to your computer. There have been many formats for compressing files over the years, but the most common is PKZIP.

If you have downloaded a ZIP file and you need to unzip (unarchive) its contents, then download one of these unzipping software utilities is all you need.

The Unzip Wizard is the easiest to use of the three utilities referenced above.  The Wizard knows his stuff, and he will be happy to step you through the unzipping process.  The friendly (and cute) Unzip Wizard interface will make you feel confident and secure that your ZIP files are being unarchived properly.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!  Simply...

1) Choose the ZIP file you wish to unzip

2) Select the internal files that you wish to extract

3) Choose a destination

That's it!  Presto! Like magic your ZIP files are unzipped!  This utility makes unzipping PKZIP files a snap!

The Unzip Wizard will help you unzip your ZIP archive files!

Wizard software tool for unzipping ZIP files
The Unzip Wizard
software has the following features:

  • Choose to unzip all files, or only some of the files stored in a ZIP file.
  • When viewing a list of ZIP files, you can sort them by name, directory, date, compressed or uncompressed size or by compression rate.
  • Warns you when you are overwriting existing files of the same name.
  • If the Wizard finds any README.TXT or INSTALL.EXE or SETUP.EXE files during the unzipping process, then he will politely ask you if you wish to view or run these files.  How thoughtful!

Software utility for making unzipping ZIP files easy

Unzip Wizard unzipping software tool can be downloaded for free

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