Bible game software Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep is a delightfully challenging, graphical Bible word game.

Very similar in play to "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Hangman", but now with a new twist!  Your job as a shepherd is to uncover the missing letters to a Bible verse or phrase before you lose all your sheep.

3 skill levels, makes the software game suitable even for children.  You can even play against the clock for a real challenge!

A colorful, wholesome, educational program for the whole family!

Can you solve the hidden Bible verse below?

(Sample screen)

Answer: "Blessed are the meek" (Matthew 5:5)

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Feed My Sheep is a guessing game based on identifying Bible passages.   Play is for one to four players, with three levels of difficulty.  The game is played by choosing letters to make words and phrases.  Feed My Sheep is fun and educational, perfect for all members of the family.

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 What others are saying about Feed My Sheep:

"I really like your program. Before I bought it, I took my church's Bible study group, divided it into two team, and played "Wheel of Fortune" with it... They really enjoyed it, too, and they are not people that typically enjoy technological innovation. So Kudos!" (Garner)


Hardware and software requirements:

Feed My Sheep requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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